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TPM outdoors

3:30AM Everyone is very much awake and excited to start our journey to Mt. Pinatubo. 3hours of driving to Capaz, 1 hour of bumpy and dusty roads to SKY WAY and the longest 40 minutes of our lives ( actually with our pace it was 1.5 hours) we finally reached the top of Mt. Pinatubo. The scenery from the start of our trekking was already breathtaking but when we saw the crater for the 1st time all we can say is WOW! No words can ever best describe its beauty, all our struggles along the way were all worth it.

Question: How can a paradise like this can cause so much destruction?

Answer: I dont know! but what i do know is with our Mt. Pinatubo experience TPM OUTDOORS was born!







































































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Today is another first in my photo sessions.Amidst the beautiful backdrop of Punta Fuego, I was able to capture that love still in the air, as Dr. & Dra. Sabater are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Considering their busy schedules,they found time to bring various clothes and props just like couples about to marry.






















































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Caleruega  Nasugbu,Batangas 


As almost all of the guest were saying last night.At last Gil and Bernadette got married after 11 years of engagement.Family and friends gathered at the Chapel of the Transfiguration to witness the blessed union of the couple . Followed by a dinner-dance reception at Ville Sommet .



































































































































































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