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This is quite a memorable shoot for me, finally my cousin Gil is getting married to his lovely fiancee Bernadette. Looking through my lens, I can only see pure happiness in their eyes. Dr. Cuanang’s gallery provided a dramatic atmosphere for this shoot. I could still remember how Gil and I grew up together, stayed in the same boarding house during college and  this was also the time when I began to tinker with my first camera. He was the one who encouraged me to become a photographer. Time flies so fast, now I am given the big task of capturing the beautiful moments of their wedding and turn it to a lifetime of memories through the pages of their album.    dsc_5706.jpg         dsc_5365.jpg  

 dsc_551411.jpg   dsc_543712-copy.jpg  dsc_5440_210.jpg    dsc_5346-copy.jpg  dsc_5388-copy02.jpg   dsc_5619_2-copy21.jpg   dsc_5378.jpg    dsc_5381-copy.jpg  dsc_5395.jpg  dsc_5400.jpg  dsc_5428-04copy.jpg dsc_5481.jpg dsc_5491.jpg  dsc_5581-copy.jpg  dsc_535307-copy.jpg  dsc_534908-copy.jpg  dsc_546609.jpg  dsc_543303copy.jpg  dsc_542804-copy.jpgdsc_5722.jpg  dsc_5736.jpg     dsc_5731.jpg  dsc_5544.jpgdsc_5555.jpg  dsc_5568.jpg  dsc_5667.jpg  dsc_5679.jpg  dsc_537306-copy.jpgdsc_5410-copy13.jpg                                             

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It was my first time to attend the general assembly last March 11 of the prestigious Wedding & Portrait Photographers of the Philippines and to join in the monthly photo contest under Probationary Category . I’m glad that my entrees made it to the top 10 for Bride & Groom Theme.  
dsc_1192.jpg 2nd place     dsc_3151_2-copy.jpg  6th place          

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Internationally renowned pianist Raul Sunico praised for his “unusual gifts of lyricism and poetry in his playing, as well as great brlliance. He is also the Dean of the Conservatory of Music of the University of Sto. Tomas. It was indeed an honor for me to shoot portraits of this man.   dsc_4773-copy02.jpg  dsc_4730_2-copy03.jpg  dsc_4857.jpg  dsc_4862.jpg  dsc_4895.jpg  dsc_4928.jpg  dsc_4812_2.jpg  dsc_4782.jpg  dsc_4962.jpg   dsc_4894.jpg  dsc_4858.jpg  

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